Where to Get a New Car Key in Philadelphia

February 14, 2021
Where to Get a New Car Key in Philadelphia

Where to Get a New Car Key in Philadelphia

Have you misplaced the last key to your car? Or perhaps you want to make more copies of your car keys in preparation for emergencies?  Regardless of the ignition or security situation of your car, this blog is an expose to various ways you can get a new car key in Philadelphia. Read on to know more.

Search the Internet for Reliable Locksmiths in Philadelphia

When looking for a particular service or product but we don’t know where to find it, one of the very first places many of us look at is the internet. Through the help of search engines like Google and Bing, it’s very easy to find anything we want. This applies to getting a new car key too. Searching online for “car key maker in Philadelphia” or something to that effect will reveal a list of locksmiths offering key cutting and duplication in Philadelphia. From the results returned by your search query, you can sort through the locksmiths on the list.
But note that many scam locksmiths hide behind search results with the intent of scamming unsuspecting car owners. These scammers often have a high dollar ad budget to suppress the ads of legitimate locksmiths. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when using this method to find a lock expert who can handle your car. 
If a locksmith gives you a ridiculously low quote over the phone, they might be attempting to scam you. Also, someone who has already arrived at your location and claiming to be a car lock expert without a solid means of identification might want to swindle you.

Ask for Recommendations 

One of the excellent ways to find the right lock professional in Philadelphia who can cut a new key for your car is by asking friends, family members, and colleagues at work. There is always a possibility that someone among this set of people would have used the service of a car key cutter in the past or recently. You can never know until you ask. 
When getting referrals from those in your circle, however, make sure the person is speaking about the lock maker’s abilities not giving recommendations based on personal relationship. One reason that word of mouth approach to finding a car key maker works well is that loved ones would highly unlikely want you to fall into the hands of a scam or rookie locksmith. When necessary, they will even be the ones to alert you about a bad or scam service provider.

Check for Local Service Professionals

If you carefully look around your area or neighborhood, you may find locksmith companies or experts providing lock solutions. When available, simply walk into the shop and explain the issues you have with your locking system. A local locksmith with a physical shop could be an indication of being legitimate but not always an indicator of excellence. Therefore, do more proper research and findings on the locksmith of your choice.

Final Words

If you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money to a scammer posing as a legitimate lock service expert, don’t use a locksmith without verifying their legitimacy and capability. To increase your chances of landing the right car key maker, try to get referrals from people you know. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to find a qualified and trusted locksmith in your area.

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