Best Rolex Watches in 2021

January 19, 2021
Best Rolex Watches in 2021

Best Rolex Watches in 2021

Think of “Rolex” when you need a watch that is crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Rolex’s reputation is not mere marketing but a true representation of its peerless products. For instance, Rolex watches are made to cater to different needs. The Submariner product line of Rolex watches, for example, is designed for divers to provide resistance to water and corrosion resistance. The Rolex GMT-Master was initially created for Pan-Am Airlines’ pilots to help them track two time zones simultaneously. This helped solve the jet-lag issues the pilots experienced during long haul flights. 
And the Rolex Milgauss was first brought into the market for those working in facilities where strong electromagnetic fields were present.

Why Buy a New or Another Rolex Watch?

Certain watches, including ones from Rolex, have excellent resale value. Acquiring such a premium watch at right time could mean a valuable investment when it becomes expensive.
Therefore, personal preferences should not be the only determining factor when buying a watch. Though going for what you love is important, it is also good to consider the potential value of a watch before making a decision. That said, below are the 3 best Rolex watches to consider adding to your collections this year.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

For many years, the Oyster Perpetual was considered Rolex’s entry-level collection of watches. Updates to the product line in 2020 makes it a more sought-after collection. With new exciting features such as a range of vibrant dial colors and new movement added, the Oyster Perpetual even stole some of the headlines from the brand-new Submariner. 
Other popular Oyster Perpetual versions you may look into include the 36mm ref. 126000 and 41mm ref. 12430. Besides, the ref. 114300 that was out of the current Oyster Perpetual catalog has witnessed a price jump since it was discontinued.

Rolex Submariner

In 2020, Rolex brought out a whole new line of the Submariner 41mm models to replace the models with a 40mm case. While the earlier 40mm ref. 116610LN Rolex lacks the updated Cal. 3235 movement, it has the same features – like Chromalight lume and Cerachrom (ceramic) bezel – as the brand-new ref. 41mm 126610LN Rolex. And surprisingly, it now sells for several dollars less than the brand-new ref. 126610LN. Other than the missing updated caliber feature, the 40mm ref. 116610LN Rolex is one promising Rolex watches to watch out for.
Other models in the Submariner product line that have strong investment potential are ref. 16610, ref. 14060, and ref. 16613.

Rolex GMT-Master & Rolex GMT-Master II

Older discontinued models of Rolex GMT-Master have been expensive for years now. For example, a preowned ref. 16750 GMT-Master can now be purchased for about $13,000, and that is several thousand dollars more expensive than some recent Rolex watches.
As for the GMT-Master II, the first two generations of the watch – the Ref. 16710 and Ref. 16760 – offer the best value. Though both models are among the least expensive Rolex GMT-Master II watches, their classic styling and case proportions are now starting to get popular, making them desirable among today’s collectors and expensive. 

Final Notes 

Out of many watch brands out there, Rolex remains one of the brands manufacturing robust watches that are easy to maintain. Rolex watches also hold their value as long as you get the right model. While personal preference is important while choosing a watch, buying a watch with a good resale value now will definitely worth it.

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