Basement Lighting Options for Dens Game Rooms and Home Offices

January 05, 2021
Basement Lighting Options for Dens Game Rooms and Home Offices

Basement Lighting Options for Dens Game Rooms and Home Offices

Do you want to turn your basement from a mere storage space for seasonal items and toys into a den for gathering, or a game room for enjoying your free time? 
If yes, don’t forget you need the perfect lighting in there. And fortunately, this blog provides three light options that can help you achieve the right basement lighting
Types of Lighting Commonly Used for Basements
The lighting arrangement in your basement will greatly influence how welcoming and functional the space is. For example, the lighting needed to illuminate a game room will be different from the light required for a basement reading space. Before seeing different lighting arrangements many use for below-ground spaces, familiarize yourself with the three basic types of lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Also called general lighting, ambient lighting is natural light from your windows and light from fixtures such as chandeliers and light kits on ceiling fans. Ambient light helps create enough light to gently illuminate a space, so you can move around comfortably and safely.

Task Lighting

As the name implies, task lighting is used for specific tasks. Focused task lights make reading, studying, writing, and other tasks that require attention and focus very easier.

Accent Lighting 

This type of lighting is what it said it is. Accent lighting accentuates cool features in a room. For instance, an accent light will be a great option to draw attention to or show off art collections, artwork, photographs, or trophies in your basement.

Lighting Options for Dens, Game Rooms, and Home Offices

After determining the type or types of lighting you need for your basement, the next thing is to buy light fixtures that will help you achieve your desired lighting. For ideas on what to buy, here are some lighting options to consider.
Before getting into that, it’s good to remind you that you’ll need an local electrician to complete the installation for you. Always use a competent expert in your area for hassle-free services.

Recessed Lights

For basements with a drop ceiling, consider installing recessed lights. They are installed directly inside an opening in the ceiling. They look sleek, illuminate brightly, and most importantly, provide plenty of ambient lighting and reduce glare and shadow in the room.

Pendant Lights

Popularly used as task lights, you can install pendant lights in your basement to care for focused tasks such as reading and studying. A pendant light, at times called a drop, is a lone light fixture suspended from a ceiling by a cord, metal rod, or chain. The amazing thing about recessed lights is that they come in different designs, allowing them to serve as both focused task and accent lighting.

Track Lights

As the name suggests, track lights are installed along a line or track and pointed to the wall, display unit, or certain area of the room you want accentuated. Apart from accent lighting, they are perfect for achieving task lighting and ambient lighting.
Whether you want to make your basement a guest room, comfortable office space, or an exciting game room, the type of lighting you choose does matter. With the above tips, you should be able to create a light arrangement that suits your need. And never forget to always use a competent local electrician for your installation job.

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