When Should I Contact A Psychiatrist

February 17, 2021
When Should I Contact A Psychiatrist

When Should I Contact A Psychiatrist

No matter the achievement people portray around the neighborhood or on social media, we all face challenges in our lives. Nevertheless, dealing with difficult situations largely depends on our emotional stability. If you’re not in control of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or even other aspects of your life, then you may need the help of mental health professional. 
Start your journey on the road to recovery by contacting a psychiatrist when you notice the following symptoms.

Unstable Thoughts, Emotions, and Behaviors

When your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors get out of control, your relationships, work, and sense of well-being could be badly affected. If messages and phrases keep running through your head, you may be dealing with anxious thoughts and need to see a mental health professional. 
If the feeling of anxiety keeps you from functioning like your normal self, a psychiatrist evaluation might be needed. Also, inflicting self-harm upon yourself or struggling with other erratic behaviors, are signs that you need mental help.

Inability to Deal with Life Challenges

The unexpected death of a loved one can trigger a variety of psychiatric disorders even if you have no previous history of mental illness. So, if you find it hard to get over the loss of some you love, you may need to seek the assistance of a psychiatrist. Also, the aftermath of a major illness, struggles arising from losing a job, or anxiety as a result of a divorce can escalate into mental health problems. If it’s difficult for you to deal with any of these or other painful challenges, do not hesitate to call a physiatrist for an immediate appointment.

Feels Life is No Longer Worth Living

Feeling suicidal is another warning sign of mental illness, which requires prompt assistance from a psychiatrist. If you are fighting thoughts of suicide or have concluded that you’d rather die than feel the pain of the present, ask your or a psychiatrist for help.


Mental illness can cause substance use disorders. People with mental problems sometimes turn to drugs and other addictive substances to cope with stress. Are you struggling with alcohol, smoking, or drugs? Addiction to any of these could interfere with your emotions, health, relationship, and ability to fulfill your daily responsibilities. Schedule an appointment with your or a psychiatrist for a proper diagnosis and treatment.


Be aware of the overdose and toxicity symptoms of any medications you’re taking. When you notice any of the symptoms, quickly reach out to your psychiatrist. Do the same thing when the side effects of a medicine you’re using become intolerable or interfere with your normal activities.

A Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

Many people who have mental health problems sometimes not sure whether to see a psychiatrist in Sandy Springs GA or a psychologist for help. Note that both professionals are there for people with mental conditions but use different tools as treatments.
Psychiatrists use medications, talk therapy, and other treatments to treat mental health problems, while psychologists use talk therapy, sometimes in the form of one-on-one sessions with the therapist, family therapy, or group therapy.
Apart from the signs and situations mentioned above, if you have bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PSD), major depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, or any other complex mental issue, seeing a psychiatrist could be a better choice.

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