Benefits of Stainless Steel Buildings

April 04, 2021
Benefits of Stainless Steel Buildings

Benefits of Stainless Steel Buildings

How can stainless steel be advantageous over other types of materials? We will go over the top reasons while you should choose stainless steel over other materials. From practicality to affordability to durability you will find the benefits of going with steel. Here are the top three reasons why you can't go wrong choosing a stainless steel building. 

1.    Durability and Maintenance 

Since stainless steel has a high corrosion resistance, it is a great choice for coastal cities because sea salt can cause corrosion when it is spray carried by the wind. It can also protect against atmospheric corrosion caused by air pollution. Furthermore, unlike wood steel is also resistant to pests. Termite control alone costs Americans for a total of $5 billion every year. Another thing to keep in mind is mold, which steel doesn't allow fungi or mildew to grow due to its inorganic properties. Since stainless steel is incredibly strong, it can withstand large loads for a long period of time. If in the future you need to expand your steel building, the process will be a lot easier and cheaper then compared to buildings made out of bricks and wood, significantly reducing costs. Stainless steel doesn't require repainting nearly as frequent as wood or concrete does. Last but not least, due to the nature of constructing a steel building, it requires less wait on the foundation. Hence, it minimizes the chances of running into foundation problems. All of these expenses can be avoided just by choosing the right material from the start.

2.    Time, Money and Value

In today's day and age time and efficiency is what sets you apart from the competition. The ability for steel construction to be rapidly installed is a return on investment and a source of revenue that could be used elsewhere in your business. When comparing steel framed building to a concrete framed building it was found that you can save up to 6% on your investment. As steel buildings last for decades, they hold on to their value a lot longer. Additionally, insurance companies offer discounts since steel structures are resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, forest fires, lightning hail and etc. The safety of these steel structures protects your assets from harm. This can most definitely compound overtime saving you a fortune year after year. 

3.    Sustainability 

Going green is the name of the game and those who are not compliant can be left in the dust. Since stainless steel is non degradable and 100% recyclable, you are making a direct positive impact on the environment. Another added benefit is that steel has no limits on how much it can be recycled so a great way to deal with your outdated metal is by turning it into cash. Scrap yards are always on the lookout for stainless steel that they can recycle.  

As you can see the benefits of stainless-steel buildings are numerous. From its corrosion resistance and durability from climate changes to its versatility and ease of use, stainless steel buildings are being preferred more and more by companies around the world.    

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