Shopping Tips for Engagement Rings

January 02, 2021
Shopping Tips for Engagement Rings

Shopping Tips for Engagement Rings

Proposing to your heartthrob like a Rockstar is part of  every mans’ dream – it could start from a romantic dinner beforehand, surprise tickets during the meal, a gift and possibly a kiss!
However, one of the things you’ll need before doing the all-important ‘asking’ is an engagement ring. Not just an ordinary ring, but the perfect ring that meets your budget and partner’s expectations. So how can you get something that suits your needs out of all the rings in the world? Read on to find out. 

Material and Carat Size

White gold, yellow gold, silver, and platinum are all common engagement ring metals you can choose from. Of recent, rose gold engagement rings have become the modern alternative and favorite of many. Note, however, that some metals are soft, making them scratch or even bent easily. So, consider lifestyle when deciding upon the metal you’ll buy.
The size of the stone also matters when making a decision. The carat weight will undoubtedly influence how much you’ll spend. Therefore, you may have to research different carat sizes and their prices before even vising that jewelry store in Atlanta.

Know this About Diamond Cuts

Round cut diamonds cost more than other diamond shapes. Princess cut diamonds are also pricey, but at a significantly lower price point than the classic round cut. Other cuts are also priced differently.
Pricing varies because not all diamond shapes are equal. Factors influencing pricing are clarity, color, carat weight as well as cut quality. To understand how cut affects costs, here is a brief explanation. When a rough diamond is cut into a specific shape with a diamond cutter, part of the original stone is lost in the process, and the removed parts cannot be used for other diamonds. Therefore, pricing hinges upon the amount of stone used for each shape/cut.

Get Sized Correctly

You neither want to buy a ring that’ll be cutting off your partner’s blood circulation nor go for one that keeps falling off just because it’s oversized. Therefore, get your partner measured correctly before making a purchase.
If you are heading out to a jeweler shop on your own and don’t have your significant other’s exact finger size, ask one of your partner’s friend who has that information. You can alternatively go to the diamond shop with someone whose fingers and hands are approximately the same size as your partner’s. To eliminate guesswork, you may casually bring up the topic of sizing with your partner to get the info you need.

Don’t Fall For Diamond Engagement Rings Scams

When scouting for a diamond, ensure you are buying a stone certified from an accredited laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. Diamonds certified by other labs might have inflated grades and worth much less than what you were made to believe. Therefore, make sure you buy a diamond that truly worth what you are paying for.
You can ask around for jewelry stores in your area that others recommend. Another way to not become a scam victim is to be careful of online and brick and mortar shops screaming 50% off every diamond.

Use Help

A good jeweler will ensure you get the right engagement ring without stress. The jeweler should provide detailed answers to your questions while helping you narrow down your choices to rings that meet all your requirements. If a jeweler is not willing to educate you about different diamonds, find another shop that is ready to help.
Are you Ready to Spark the Romance and Get her to say a yes?
Buying an engagement ring should not be an arduous task; instead, it should be a stress-free and memorable experience. Taking into consideration all the above tips when shopping for a ring will help you get something that will make the love of your life to say YES.

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