Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

December 02, 2020
Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Keeping your roof in its best condition should be a year-round priority. Shortly before and during winter, however, more work might be required to ensure your roofing system is fully ready for the cold months. Remember that the wintertime is when you and your loved ones will be spending more time indoors. Therefore, your roof must be able to contribute to the warmth that you and your loved ones deserve when it's snowy and cold out there.
To help your pre-winter and winter preparation efforts, this blog covers about four roof maintenance tips you will find helpful.

Repair Flashing and Shingles

When flashing becomes cracked or bent upward, moisture easily runs inside to the roof seams. If moisture or rain continues to get underneath, a leak will form. Equally, worn or missing shingles can invite in moisture and let water seep into your roofing system.
To prevent flashing or shingles problems, inspect your roof before winter kicks in. This will allow you to catch any issues with your roofing system as early as possible. You can then make necessary roof repairs or replacements.

Address Wind Damage On Time

While the impact of wind damage might not be obvious before the cold months, there are more problems to handle when it starts to snow. You’ll have to deal with ice dams, freezing temperature, and other kinds of problems associated with wintertime. Most importantly, it will be hard to get your home warm.
After a storm or heavy wind, inspect for any damage to your roof system. Have damaged gutters, missing shingles, loose or damaged flashing repaired or replaced quickly before the wintertime.

Inspect Your Attic Ventilation

Adequate attic ventilation protects your roof from ice dams. During cold months, the attic keeps airflow constant and temperature even.  Without good attic ventilation, hot and cold spots will form on the roof. This can lead to water backing up into your home and freeze beneath your shingles.
Prior to winter, make sure your attic has sufficient insulation and the route for ventilation is not blocked. If you feel there are or discover any issues with the system, call an expert for help.

Keep Your Roof Clear Of Snow

Before winter hits, another thing to consider is how to remove snow quickly from your rooftop during the wintertime. Snow on your rooftop will melt and turns into ice as temperatures rise and fall. This occurrence often creates ice dams. Water seeping into crevices and cracks in your roof system and then freezing can loosen and wreak havoc on your shingles, flashing, and gutters.
You can use a shovel or a roof rake to remove snow from your rooftop. But it’s highly recommended to use an expert for the job as many people are injured and killed every year because they fall off their roof in an attempt to clear snow.


Making sure your roof system and attic ventilation are in top shape before winter will prepare you for the cold months. And when winter finally sets in, building upon your pre-winter efforts, such as clearing away snow as they build up, will help you remain warm and secured living in your home during the cold months.

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