Plumbing Tips When Buying a House

January 31, 2021
Plumbing Tips When Buying a House

Plumbing Tips When Buying a House

You'll enjoy many benefits by purchasing an existing house instead of building a new one. Since it takes less time to buy and close on a home than to build, you'll be able to move in sooner. And you may but the property at a lower price if you have good negotiating skills or use an experienced realtor.

But be careful as certain elements of a pre-existing home should be checked before signing off the purchase agreement. One of these crucial areas is the plumbing aspect of a home. To help you make the right decision, this blog covers five plumbing areas you need to check before buying a house.

Sewer Line

If the home is connected to a sewer system, call a local plumber to take a professional look at the sewer line to the street. The plumber or service expert may use a sewer camera to check for possible tree root intrusion, clogs, pipe damage, and the overall condition of the line. Carrying out this inspection is crucial as you don’t want to buy a house now and pay expensive sewer repair or replacement bills later.

Water Heater System

If the home’s water heater has been in use for more than ten years, a replacement might be needed. To determine the age of the heater, look at the serial number on the manufacturer's sticker. Apart from checking its lifespan, let a qualified plumber check for potential problems with the water heater. 

Common heater issues include overheating, leaks from nearby plumbing connections, improper water pressure, a bad gasket, and a stuck valve.

Water Supply Pipes

Inspect all water pipes in every area to determine the piping material. If the building uses galvanized steel pipes, the system is at the very end of its useful life or has passed its useful life and will need replacement. Copper pipes means a more recent installation or replacement. If any other pipping material is used, seek advice from your plumber.

Water Faucets

Turn all taps around the house to check for rust. Water with a reddish-brown and a distinctive metallic odor coming out of any faucet might mean a problem within the home plumbing system. If the house has been unoccupied for a long time, rusty water draining out for several seconds could be normal. 

Crawl Space and Basements

Plumbing pipes in the crawlspace or basement needs an inspection to uncover possible water leaks and damage. Leaks could arise from old, damaged, or burst pipes. To determine the severity of damage and what’ll be required to fix the issue, you may need the expertise of a trained eye.

The areas discussed in this blog are important plumbing aspects of a house you should properly inspect before buying it. You may have to spend more than the actual cost of the house if you later discover plumbing repair or replacement needs. To avoid a problem like this and get expert advice, involve a qualified and experienced local plumber during the property inspection.

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