Places to visit in Washington DC

March 06, 2021
Places to visit in Washington DC

Places to visit in Washington DC

If you want to maximize your vacation time by visiting a place unlike any other, then hop on the next flight to come over to Washington, D.C. For sure, your sightseeing route will allow you to capture awe-inspiring structures, eclectic neighborhoods, monuments, and memorials.
Below are must-visit attractions in Washington, D.C.

United States Capitol

While you’re in Washington DC, one of the very few places you don’t want to miss visiting is US Capitol. It is the building where the United States Congress meets and President-elect recites the Oath of Office.
On the exterior of the building is an iconic dome that stands out above all other Buildings in Washington. Though the Capitol has been through many constructions over the years, the last rebuilt in 1958-62 enlarged the main façade where US presidents take the oath.
On the inside, the Capitol features frescoes, reliefs, and paintings. The walls have huge paintings depicting American history, and you’ll see more interesting features that bestow beauty and splendor on the building.
Free tours can be reserved online and don’t require a special pass. During the tour, you can visit places like the Rotunda, the Crypt, and National Statuary Hall. However, visiting the Senate and House Galleries requires a pass from a Senator or Representative from your state.

The White House

As the US president’s official residence, every first citizen of the country has lived in the White House, except George Washington who ended his presidency before the White House was built. 
The White House Visitor Center, which is located at 1450 Pennsylvania Ave NW, is free to the public. The area has excellent interactive exhibits and 3D models that you’re encouraged to touch. Also, in there you can watch a 14-minute film that gives insight into the lives of the First Families.
Note, that public tour requests are submitted through member of congress and must be done no less than 21 days in advance.

National Mall and Veterans Memorials

The National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, DC is home to many iconic memorials that honor and commemorate the people and events that shaped and protected America. Here you’ll find, for example, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a wall inscribed with the names of all brave members of the US Armed Forces who lost their lives to or were missing during the Vietnam War. Close by is the Vietnam Women's Memorial dedicated to three servicewomen who helped a wounded soldier during also the Vietnam War.
Apart from the structures erected to tell the story of courageous men and women who served during the Vietnam War, the National Mall premise is where several celebrations and festivals take place. One of these events is the Smithsonian American Folk Life Festival that is filled with lively displays of cultural programs, music, crafts, foods from different regions, and other performances.
Another celebration occurring at the National Mall is the annual Independence Day that fills not only the mall but also the Washington area. The Mall also provides a park for running, walking, and picnicking.

Now, are you ready to visit Washington DC?

Seeing one or all of the amazing places mentioned in this article would probably be an adventure during your next visit. You, however, may want to schedule your visit to Washington during spring and autumn because summer can be unpleasantly hot and humid.

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