Lawn Care Tips

January 20, 2021
Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips

All year round, it is the desire of property owners to sink their feet into lush, radiant green grass. To make this a reality, lawn care is paramount and a lot of effort goes into doing it. For ways to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn, here are four tips.

Manage Water

Water your lawn grasses the right way and at the appropriate time. Because each soil is different, adding the right amount of water to your lawn is vital or else you might expose the grasses to drought or other stress. Regardless of the type of field, lawn grasses grow well when they’re watered deeply at appropriate intervals.
Try to water your lawn early in the morning, preferably before 10AM. Early watering will help keep the turf cooler during the hottest time of the day and greatly reduce evaporation.  

Proper Mowing

Mowing your lawn lets you enjoy a beautiful landscape amongst other benefits. Many are familiar with the idea of periodic mowing. Instead of taking lawn mow as a weekly or monthly routine, cut your grass based on growth and health. Depending on the season of the year, certain grasses tend to grow at a rapid rate. Bermudagrass, for example, is one of the fastest-growing warm season grasses, hence, it might require frequent trimming to keep looking awesome.
Never forget that some grasses such as Bermudagrass remain healthy and look good when kept short while other types could need more height. To determine the perfect height for your lawn, try to talk to a lawn care expert in your area for professional recommendations and assistance. 

Feed Your Grass

Your lawn needs adequate nutrition to grow and thrive. All plants, including lawn grasses, need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for survival: Even more important of all these three nutrients is nitrogen. It helps the lawn to grow lush, vibrant, and green.
Depending on the soil, the nitrogen requirements of your grass could be different. Speak with a lawn service professional in Atlanta to find out the actual amounts of pounds of nitrogen your lawn requires. The expert should also help you with fertilizer recommendations that can suit the needs of your lawn.

Fight Lawn Weeds

Weeds are expected to grow in your field since they are also plants, but in this case, unwanted plants. Thankfully, they can be dealt with using pre-emergent and post-emergence herbicides.
The former work by preventing weed growth in the first place, while the latter handles already grown weeds. But avoid using pre-emergent weed controls such as combination weed-and-feed fertilizers and crabgrass prevents when planting a new lawn or field. These products could affect your grass from rooting properly as they may not be able to distinguish between wanted grass and unwanted grass.


If you discovered that despite applying all these lawn care tips, including your initial efforts, you can’t get that lush, thick turf you desire, consider seeking a lawn care expert or a lawn service company to help you look into the issue. The expertise and experience of a trained eye will go a long way in solving the problem.

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