How to Avoid Domestic Violence

March 04, 2021
How to Avoid Domestic Violence

How to Avoid Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be treated as such. According to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, one in 12 men and one-third of women have experienced intimate partner violence during their lifetime. 
For this reason, this blog will focus on domestic violence related to intimate relationships. Whether you’re at the receiving end or an onlooker, there’s always something you can do to reduce these surprising statistics. Continue reading to find out how. 

Spot the Signs Earlier on

Determine from the onset of any relationship whether the other person is someone you’d wanted to be with. If your partner is manipulative and always makes you feel guilty for all the problems in the relationship or threatens violence against you, it could be right to walk away. 
This is important because negative treatment from a partner can lead to physical confrontation and abuse. While no relationship is perfect, red flags such as manipulation should never be overlooked.

Set and Use a Code Word

Discuss with your partner about having a unique “code word or phrase” that either partner can and should use when a conversation or any other form of relations is about to become violent. Regardless of your choice, the word or phrase should clearly indicate that a particular issue would be better addressed at another time than now. 
A partner who feels they would want to have such a code phrase as part of their relationship is also more likely to respect that code word when they hear it.

Talk To Someone

If you’re living in fear or noticing things could get violent with your partner, confide in someone ahead of time. This confidant may discuss with you an escape plan or find you a safe place where your safety will be guaranteed.

Touch Base with Criminal Defense Attorney

Apart from fighting criminal charges, defense attorneys can also act as a mediator between two aggrieved spouses or partners. Find an criminal defense attorney in your area to know your legal rights and ways to protect yourself.

Be Aware of a Nearby Shelter

In case of an emergency, knowing about the nearest shelter in your area is vital. Apart from being a safe place to be, some shelters provide training programs that would help domestic violence survivors overcome the physical and emotional trauma they’ve experienced. So, never forget to make use of this provision when necessary. You can use a website like Domesticshelters to locate domestic shelters in your area.

You Can Come To The Rescue!

Don’t be like many witnesses who tell law enforcement that they heard about or perceive domestic violence but don’t want to get involved. If you overheard something upsetting or disturbing, check in with a neighbor to see if they are OK and safe. And don’t hesitate to call the police or find your troubled friend a nearby shelter where they can stay and feel safe.
You can avoid domestic violence by not overlooking warning signs, seeking the help of a confidant or defense attorney, and getting prepared for emergencies. And every one of us can be resourceful to anyone who is about to become or already a domestic violence victim.

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