Home Security Tips and Tricks  

March 19, 2021
Home Security Tips and Tricks  

Home Security Tips and Tricks  

Can you try to "burglarize" your home?
Most people will never think about that – it’s crazy, right? 
But that is the smartest way to evaluate the strength of the security system in your home or office. If it is difficult for you to break inside, that means, criminals will also sweat it out!
It is imperative to safeguard your home using all available tricks, tips, and gadgets. Never forget that your home is an integral part of your life and it's a haven for you and your loved ones. 
With the tricks and tips shared in this article, you will have access to information about the right ways to secure your home so you could have peace of mind.  

Change or Rekey All the Locks 

If you relocated recently, the first thing to do is to change the locks. Perhaps, a previous occupant may have one of the spares and waiting for an opportunity to use it. 
In case you can’t afford to install new locks, then rekey the old ones. You may want to contact a local locksmith shop for Lock rekeying which is more affordable and also very effective in strengthening the security of your home.

Install a Home Alarm System

Installing an alarm system in your home is a sure way of adding another layer of security that will scare away criminals. Depending on your preference and budget, the alarm may be installed on all the doors and windows.
Also, ensure that the alarms are fully activated and synced to your smartphone. Once the door alarm is triggered, you get notified on your mobile device. You can also go a step further to install security cameras on your entryway. This will help you to monitor who enters or goes out of the house.  

Always Lock Your Doors and Windows 

When there is no one at home, ensure both doors and windows are properly locked. Locking your doors will help you reduce the risk of falling victim to a home invasion. Even on holidays or when you're relaxing at home, ensure that you lock the entry doors including the garage doors.
The blinds and curtains are also important, try as much as you can to close them before going to bed.                           

Keep your Surroundings Clear 

Ensure there is no place for intruders to hide around your surroundings. Trim and clear all shrubs, bushes, and trees that could be a hideout for criminals. Clear the yard of all sticks, objects, and broken tree trunks that could be used to break-in. And always remember to keep your gardening tools inside the house. 

Adequate Lighting around Your Home Can Scare Intruders

It's important to have adequate lighting around your house. Install lights around entrances and exits. Avoid having dark spots around the property. You can also consider installing motion detection lights. 

Hide Your Valuables 

It's important to keep your valuables like gadgets, tablets, and jewelry away from sight as they could attract criminals and intruders. You can get in touch with a professional locksmith to install a safe. Make sure expensive purchases are safely hidden when not in use. Lastly, your car keys and house keys should not be kept in common places where they could be easily stolen.

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