Best Outdoor Trees in Georgia

February 02, 2021
Best Outdoor Trees in Georgia

Best Outdoor Trees in Georgia

When choosing a tree for your Georgia property, you have to consider certain factors and features, including root type, seed broadcast, aesthetic appeal, and longevity. 
Some trees are nice looking but may topple easily in a strong wind while a wind-resistant tree might not add the kind of aesthetic appeal you want to your landscape. That said, here are five desirable and better-suited trees for Georgia homes or properties.

Oak Tree

When it comes to beauty, prominence, and stability, oak trees stand out. During early life, oak trees feature pyramidal shape and spread broadly in maturity.
Popular varieties include Bloodleaf and Red Oak Hybrids. The former has a beautiful deep red fall color while the latter, though rare to find, grow fast and offer resistance to many diseases and insects. Besides, if you have enough space in your lawn to accommodate a wider growth, Live Oak trees are another desirable variety of oak trees you can grow.


If you have a low lying lawn that is always wet and muddy, Tupelo will be a perfect tree to grow as it thrives in wet conditions. It’s also an attractive shade tree that flourishes in open areas with adequate space to spread and grow. This tree has different varieties and cultivars. The Wildlife cultivar features a brilliant red fall color and has excellent landscaping potential.

Chinese Pistache

Native to Asia, Chinese Pistache is a tree with stunning fall color. Though it’s not the prettiest tree during the growing season, it steals the spotlight in fall with its stunning foliage. You can plant it alongside other trees and wait for it to become the center of attraction in fall.
Due to its drought resistance, it’s often used in xeriscaping, a practice that aims at growing plants and gardens with less water. Other features that make this tree worthwhile are long lifespan, good shade, and wind tolerant once established.


Ideal for use as a Patio tree, Sweetbay Magnolia provides excellent shade and floral beauty. This tree is native to swampy areas but also adaptable to droughty conditions without sustaining a significant loss of root mass. The tree even prefers acid soils and warm soils. One thing you would like about Sweetbay is its incredible nighttime fragrance. You can smell the cup-shaped creamy white, waxy flowers as the day winds down.

White Dogwood

For landscape and yards, the white dogwood is one perfect option. It features beautiful white flowers in spring, with the leaves turning purple-red in fall. To create beautiful color contrast, plant it amidst red or pink dogwoods. Dogwoods in general have small to minimum heights, meaning they are perfect for property owners looking for a tree that won’t tower over their entire yard or house. From dwarf to variegated selections, you’ll find many different styles of dogwood trees out there.

Ready to Shade And Beautify Your Landscape With Trees?

The outdoor trees ideas for Georgia properties in this resource should have exposed you to different trees you can use to add beauty to your landscape or yard. Regardless of the tree you planted, you’ll need to care for it from seedling till it reaches the end of its life. Also, keep in mind that the assistance of a tree removal company or tree service technician may be required from time to time to prune broken and dead branches and protect the tree from disease and pest infestation.

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